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A key component on this is fast tuneable laser technology

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Taking a leaf outside of Samsung's book at, the back in the G510 also offers a removable to deliver access to the car battery, a full-sized SIM socket, and also a microSD memory slot. MicoSD is often a nice addition that'll get essential for multimedia use because the G510 has only 4GB of storage baked in (which given its price isn't a huge surprise). Interestingly NFC (near field communications) is built-in too. NFC is used to pay on or buses but I've yet to find out any phones actually utilizing NFC for anything meaningful beyond sharing contacts and files.

Huawei have likewise added a custom interface to the G510. Whilst android interface overlays can be quite a source of frustration (what on earth is so wrong with just frequent Android??), I was thrilled to note that the Huawei launcher wasn't gimmicky, garish, cluttered or counter-intuitive as well as looked pretty decent too. A particularly nice feature was the utilization of selectable themes, which may change the appear and feel of the launcher. I also liked the DLNA app, which allowed me to stream content of my western digital network disk drive and stream video to my media player.

Huawei are going to be hosting a live demo in this PPXC system in a very private suite when it reaches this week's OFC/NFOEC show in Los Angeles, California.

Agile and ultra-large capacity OTN switching is often a promising technology for future optical networks. A key component on this is fast tuneable laser technology, which Oclaro has successfully developed and optimised to satisfy Huawei's optical networking needs money for hard times."Fast tuneable lasers have great potential in Huawei's future optical network architectures and that we are excited to view that Oclaro has successfully developed this enabling laser system with nanosecond tuning time," says Changtian Cai, President of Huawei Transport Network.

The technology enables 2 types of 400G WDM solutions according to 100 GHz channel spacing a short-haul solution Huawei MA5683T and also the ultra-long-haul solution unveiled at OFC 2014. The ultra-long-haul solution, which pertains to backbone transmission, adopts 2SC-PDM-QPSK modulation and supports accurate documentation transmission distance that could reach over 3000 km. The short-haul solution, which refers to metropolitan area network (MAN) transmission, adopts 1SC-PDM-16QAM modulation and allows high-quality 400G transmission more than a single carrier wave. Huawei's single-carrier 400G solution was recently tested on EXATEL's live network in Poland.